How do I know which size wheel to get?

1) Brakes

Check to make sure your bike’s front wheel uses rim brakes (i.e. caliper brakes, cantilever brakes, and V-brakes). Electron Wheel is only compatible with rim brakes.

2) Wheel Size

Check your bike’s wheel size by looking on the sidewall of your tire. There are two sizes of Electron Wheel; 700c & 26”. 

700c - Will replace wheels that read 622 
26” - Will replace wheels that read 559

3) Fork Clearance

Most bikes won't experience clearance issues on the front fork. However, for bikes using 700c wheels, we recommend checking to make sure the frame is designed for tires at least 700x28c in size. This will indicate that your front fork provides enough clearance for the Electron Wheel. We use a standard 100mm dropout spacing.
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