My wheel is turned on, but nothing is happening.

If you're wheel is installed and turned on but you are not getting any assist, please double check the following: 

  1. Review all steps in our assembly process by rewatching the assembly video
  2. Ensure the T-lever is in full contact with your front fork
  3. Ensure that the wheel, and pedal sensor are turned on. You should see a blue light from the wheel, and a green light from the pedal sensor. 
  4. Ensure the pedal sensor orientation matches your selection in the Electron app. For example, if the sensor is facing inwards towards the bike frame, "inside" must be selected in the Electron app, under the settings tab. 
  5. Ensure that "off" is not selected in the app. 


If you continue to have trouble, reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to assist at

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