Where do I download the electron app?

The electron wheel app is necessary to initially calibrate your wheel. After that, it’s an optional tool which allows you to track your distance and speed, battery life, assist levels, and ride mapping. It's also is a great resource to access our assembly video on the go.

1 . To download the electron wheel app:

 **For iOS:**
 1) Open the App store.
 2) Search for “electron wheel”. Find the "electron connect" app. 
 3) Press the “get” to download. 

 **For Android:**
 1) Open the Google Play store.
 2) Search for “electron wheel”. Find the "electron wheel" app. 
 3) Press the “Install” button to download.

2 . Once in the app, view the assembly instructions video:

 1) Go to the far right tab in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
 2) Press the blue play button next to the “video tutorial” row.
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