Do I need to calibrate my wheel every time I ride?

No, it is not necessary to calibrate your wheel every time you ride. Calibration is only required when you put the electron wheel on a new bike. 

The process is designed to optimize electron wheel to the specific characteristics of your bike. 

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  • Hey this begs a new question:
    I have two bikes and just purchased one wheel?! Once I calibrate the wheel on each bike can I go back and forth or it will force me to calibrate every time. I am trying to see if this works, otherwise- I got to buy one more!

  • Hey @Allen, congrats on the purchase! Appreciate the business. Re: your question, we strongly recommend calibrating the Electron Wheel when switching between bikes. In essence, the calibration is optimizing the wheel to your fork angle, and is an important process to make sure the wheels incline sensor operates properly. You would also need to consider if you pedal sensor will be in the same orientation on both bikes. Some crank designs allow enough clearance for the sensor to be placed on the inside of the crank (near bike frame), while other require you to place the sensor on the outside. If the orientation was different between the bikes, you would need to adjust the pedal sensor option in the app. But do keep in mind the calibration process is very simple and can be completed in a minute or so.

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